Host a Bitcoin ATM


  • A little over 1 square foot of space in your store or business near an electrical outlet

What's In it for YOU?

  • We pay you $100 - 250 /mo to rent the space
    (dependent on location and hours)

  • Free marketing for your business (Google Maps, 3rd party Bitcoin ATM locator sites, and our website)

  • 5-10% increase in foot traffic to your store + high conversion rate to paying customers

What we provide

  • We take care of all maintenance, cash logistics, and legal compliance.

  • Each machine has its own cellular connection, so there's no WiFi hassle for you.

Get a Bitcoin ATM for Your Business
Let us know you're interested and we'll get in touch.
About your business:

We make sure our Bitcoin ATM locations show up on Google® Maps which means more customers will FIND YOUR BUSINESS!

When people search for Bitcoin ATMs, they will be directed to your location!

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